what is fumigation

What is Fumigation

  • Fumigation is a process that uses concentrated, true gas that creates fumes to kill pests and insects. When sprayed out with pressure, the fumigant gas penetrates every hard-to-reach corner of a building to clean out the smallest insects. Some areas and building structures can be more prone to infestations and therefore require regular cleaning. Because it is highly toxic even to humans, every area is effectively enclosed with a process called “tenting”. This keeps all the gas properly contained within the building structure so it can target every bit of the area while keeping the surroundings breathable.


If you suspect your house is infested with more than a few types of insects, you will need an assessment before deciding on a treatment. We always send out one of our friendly pest control professionals to inspect all areas of your house and look for clues that most insects leave. After noting down leftovers like bug waste, dead skin, or eggs, our team will be able to cater to your needs more cost-consciously. An inspection ensures that you don’t spend a dime on treatments you don’t need.

Customized Treatment

Our team of professionals will use the right fuming sprays and gases that kill the particular bugs in your house. Whether it’s ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, or rats, we provide an all-rounder solution that inhibits the growth of all kinds of pests and insects.

Preparing Your Home

You and your family will neterned to stay away for 18-48 hours depending on the type of control treatment used. Your house will be properly enclosed with tents to ensure a more targeted treatment and to avoid disturbing the air in your neighborhood. Once completed, our treatment remains safe for all household items and leaves no residue so you don’t need to worry about any side effects.

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