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mosquitoes control

Mosquitoes carry all kinds of pathogenic microbes on their body and can be an embarrassment to have in your house. They can become especially troublesome during the summer season as they come out of enclosed spaces to broader areas. 

How we Inhibit Mosquito Growth

Most household insecticide sprays can push away mosquitoes, but the effects only last for a few hours. They are also unsafe to be used every day unless the sprayed area is left unoccupied for at least an hour. It’s better to inhibit their growth by stopping them in their tracks. Our company uses a misting technology that binds to the walls and floor so mosquitoes cannot habituate there at all. 
Our mists are non-toxic to humans and work as repellants as well as terminators to provide a longer-lasting solution. Our all-rounder solution also kills any spiders, fleas, or ticks around the house so that you don’t need multiple sprays.