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termite control

Termite control and termite treatment are two different things. The first one is all about precautions and preventing damage before it happens. 

Baiting Stations

One popular kind of termite control is termite baiting stations. These are highly effective devices planted within grounds prone to infestation. These work by letting some termites within the device’s body so they leave with slowly working insecticides within them. The infected termites then move around the colonies, carrying and spreading the insecticide throughout. 
Baiting stations can be a great alternative to the traditional fumigation when the infested area cannot be enclosed, such as a garden, farms, or other large areas. It ensures that termites are stopped as soon as they inhabit an area.

Termite Fumigation

Termite fumigation is done as the traditional fumigation process of tenting and spraying. Compared to baiting, it is more quick and effective when the area is definitely infested. Some stubborn termites cannot be terminated with the simpler, less invasive treatments like baiting stations. In such a case, in-depth fumigation kills termites that are hiding behind your walls and under the floor.